Thursday, June 11, 2009


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My husbands 10 year high school reunion was coming up in a few days so I was trying on clothes and trying to pick out something to wear. I found a skirt in my closet I thought was cute. It wasn't anything to crazy, just cute. It came to just a little bit above my knees. I tried it on and asked my tween daughter what she thought of it. She said, "its a little short mom." She has been getting an attitude and I just had a baby a few months ago so I said, "what do you mean, too short, like I'm to fat short or what?" I was feeling a little defensive. She said, "no mom, like immodest, to short."

Its a funny story but our children really do teach us a bunch of things. We really do try to teach them and sometimes I don't think they are getting it at all until they come back with a comment like the one above and then you realize, ok I haven't done too terrible of a job raising you so far.

I need a paycheck!

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. Being a stay at home mom is so interesting. Most jobs have paychecks. In my other jobs that I have had in my life, the paycheck was the big motivator. Well, I don't get a paycheck for cleaning my bathroom, or grocery shopping, or making dinner, or changing a million diapers in one day (sidenote: I really am amazed at how fast diapers can create 'diaper mountain'). So, what then is my motivation???!!! I would have to say that typically I act out of necessity, I mean the smell of those diapers is enough to motivate almost anyone! In an ideal world a mother's paycheck would be feeling appreciated. But, of course we can't always count on that. I have to admit though, a regular paycheck would be nice.

"Is That Jesus?"

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I go to church by my self. At the time I had 2 kids a 3 year old and a 5 year old. During church its hard enough to get my kids to sit still and be quite when I get help but almost impossible when I'm by myself. During one of those times that I was sitting by myself my kids were doing really well. They were sitting still and being quite. Thats all I could ask for. It was a very quite part of the church service when somebody came in the back and sat down. the man was scruffy, long hair, I think he even had sandles on. My 3 year old son turned around and said, very loudly, "Mommy, is that Jesus?" Everybody heard of course and started laughing. I was embarrassed but at least he asked if he was Jesus instead of saying something really embarrassing.


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I realized that I don't always allow myself to enjoy myself. If the kids are napping and I feel like watching a movie, I sometimes feel bad about that! Mostly, because of all of the other things that I have to do. I do it anyway, but that doesn't stop me from feeling a little guilty.
I think as mothers we have always felt guilt. Whether its doing something for us or denying our kids the toy at the store. It also can go deeper than that also. Young mothers especially get caught comparing ourselves to the other moms. We think, "he's potty trained, mines not, what am I doing wrong?" Guilt. "Oh that mom is so skinny after having 4 kids, I have 2 and I am fat!" Guilt. "Those kids are always so clean and their hair is always combed." Guilt.
We need to come to be happy with ourselves and what we do. Every mother is different and every child is different. With that there are different circumstances and different decisions that are made. I think that as long as we are doing our best to know at the end of the day that are our kids know they are loved and that the kids are happy, we have done enough.

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