Tuesday, July 21, 2009

I'm still alive.... Don't Worry

Posted by Angiefairbanks at 9:24 PM
I first want to start off by saying, sorry readers I am still alive, I have not been abducted by aliens, fallen off the face of the earth or got lost in the forest somewhere. I have been crazy busy. My baby girl got really sick last week, I mean really sick. She was running a high fever and was really lethargic and just not herself. I took her to the dr only to be referred to the ER. We were there till 11 at night, a total of 4 hours. It was crazy, they took her temperature (the inhumane and abnormal way if you know what I mean) 4 times!! They also thought it might be a UTI so they hooked her up to a catheter and tested her urine, which it was negative. Everything was negative. They couldn't find a dang thing wrong wither her other than the fever. We went home and a few days later the fever broke and the next day she got a rash. That was the answer and the diagnosis, roseola. I did some research and found out that with roseola there is a chance of seizure, meningitis and other serious conditions. Needless to say I was freaked out but she's fine now and other than all the zits I have on my chin now from stress so am I.

My boy started swimming lessons. The first 3 days were awesome. He was the youngest in the class by far, he is 3 and the closest to him was another 4 year old little boy and the rest of the class was a bunch of older girls. He did really good until the teacher thoroughly FREAKED him out. He was fine, safe as can be but she let go of the noodle he was floating on and I swear for the 10 seconds that he was on the noodle by himself, I think he thought he was swimmin by himself in the middle of the ocean surrounded by a bunch of sharks. Did I mention he was fine. Ever since this tramatic event he has decided he doesn't like his swimming teacher. Its not the lessons, the water or the concept of swimming. Its his teacher. The kid is a natural fish, he is just afraid his teacher is going to abandon him again. Whenever she tries to hold him and help him kick with the noodle or kick board he starts screaming and wanting out. Today was better but that is just because I bribbed him with an ice cream cone afterwords. We only have 2 more days of lessons left and I can't tell you how excited I am for that to come. It really puts a kink into our day and I am in a funk. I can't seem to get my junk together and stay in a routine. Lessons are right in the middle of the day so neither the morning or afternoon is normal. Oh well, 2 more days.

Other than that, we are still trying to sell our house. It has sat for 3 weeks without showing. Monday morning I decided I would call my realtor and complain that she wasn't doing enough to market the house. I mean if it was showing and not selling I would know that something was wrong with the house and that it was something we could fix but it wasn't even showing. So I was gonna talk to her. Well, I am so nonconfrontational it isn't funny. I texted her instead. Weak I know. Well it was taken well. And then the house showed that afternoon and twice today. I guess all I needed to do was nag. I told her if it gets in a slump again, I will just nag her and that should help out. I really hope it sells soon and doesn't get a chance to get into a slump.

I got some ideas for some more posts so keep checking back, again sorry I has been so long!


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