Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Crazy Me

Posted by Angiefairbanks at 4:08 PM
seem to always be frazzled in one way or another. I run around a lot taking care of the kids and the hubby while trying to keep a nice home and the list goes on and on. You all know how it is. We are so busy that we don't get a lot of time for ourself. When we do get a moment it truly is just a moment. Mine usually is when I am in the shower. Well, actually sometimes that isn't even truly a moment for myself. I was trying to shower the day beforemy sons birthday party and I had a ton of stuff to do. When I shower my mind races and I think of all the stuff I need to get done. Well aparently my mind was racing a little too much because the next day after my sons party we decided to get into the hot tub and I went and changed. Well, apparently I got distracted while I was in the shower because I noticed I had only shaved one of my armpits!!! I couldn't believe it. Somedays I think I am loosing my mind. But it is just an example of my CRAZY life as a mother. I couldn't help but laugh and get a good chuckle out of it.


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