Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Thrifty Tuesday

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Every Tuesday I will share tips and tricks to save you and you're family money. With todays economy everybody needs to work on saving money, especially us with kids. I will list 5 things but please feel free to comment and leave me your own tips. Each week I will focus on one central theme, today I am focusing on saving money on the one thing we all need, groceries. Thanks for stopping by.

Go grocery shopping with a list and buy only what is on the list

You will spend less on food if you shop with a list, and stick to it. The less you impulse buy, they more money you will save. Your list is your road map to how much you can spend each week. When you make it out, try to cost it out also. Then you'll know about how much of your money you are going to spend. If there is something you have forgotten to put on your list that you need that week, not an impulse buy, a forgotten item, write it on your list before putting it in your basket. This will force you to think twice about your money and keep you organized for next time.

Cook with two meals in mind

Plan ahead and use recipes when cooking dinner or making a liost and planning out your meals. For example: Having a pot roast for dinner? Make sure you have a recipe for beef stew for the leftovers. You can make it the next day and eat right away or freeze it for next week. If you don't have enough meat leftover for a stew, try a beef vegetable soup. You don't need much, just make sure you plan ahead and be prepare to use your leftovers in recipes, otherwise you may lose the savings!

Pack your own school lunches for you're kids or lunches for you're husband to take to work each day

Packing a school lunch costs approximately $3.00-$4.00 a week. Considering buying a lunch at school costs $2.00-$2.50 a day, you can see the saving immediately. Plus, you can be sure that your child has something he/she wants to eat. Examples are crackers and cheese or crackers and peanut butter, boiled eggs, cold fried chicken, soup, salad, slices of ham or roast, raw vegetables and dip, muffins or cornbread with baked in hotdog chunks. If there is a special day each week that the school offers a lunch your child wants, like pizza, buy the one day a week - you'll still benefit from the savings. Plus when you pack you're hubby's lunch each day it will draw the two of you closer. It will show him how much you love him and in turn he will be sweeter to you when he comes home. Its also a lot of fun to leave notes in the lunches it makes the recipients day that much better.

Save on Breakfast

How many times a week do you cook pancakes, waffles of french toast for breakfast? Do you spend more money than you have to by buying these items pre-made and frozen? Rather than waste time and money try making larger batches at one time. These freeze well and can be reheated in either the toaster or the microwave in minutes.

Try shopping by you're self and in a good frame of mind

Try to shop alone because little helpers can boost your bill. Shopping early in the day gets you through the store quicker with your list and you spend less. Do not shop while you are hungry or you will spend more. Also, avoid shopping when you are tired, you'll tend to buy more sweets and more high carbs. When you are angry you will tend to buy more junk food.


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