Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Thrifty Tuesday

Posted by Angiefairbanks at 12:42 AM
Every Tuesday I will share 5 money saving tips and tricks. The theme again this week is saving money on groceries and food. Please feel free to comment and as always, thanks for stopping by.

Make you're own breadcrumbs

What do you do with the crusts or heels of a loaf of bread? Do you throw it away or give it to the birds? Simply run them through the food processor and freeze until ready to use. You will never have to buy breadcrumbs again. If you prefer the seasoned variety, add some basil, oregano and garlic powder while processing. They freeze well in a plastic container or freezer bag.
You can also harden them by placing in the micro for a few minutes. Then crumble and freeze dry, or cube first to make stuffing.

Buy fresh produce at the farmers market

Use the farmer's market approach by purchasing produce that's fresh, inexpensive and in season. Avoiding the middlemen will save you money and provide your family the freshest of foods. It's also wise to not purchase non-grocery items such as medicines, contact lens solution etc. You will probably pay more for these items at the grocery store.

Look for Discounts

Buying items marked down can save you as much as 20 percent on your total grocery bill. In addition, find out when your store marks down items that expire like bread and meat. You can save money on these items by freezing them or serving them that night for dinner. Also, look for a small section in the store where they discount items that weren't as popular as the manufacturer's had hoped. This can provide you many bargains.

Know where to buy cheaper brands

Be aware that the highest markup items on the shelves are at chest level. To find the cheaper house or generic brands you will need to reach up or kneel down. Also, the main aisles of the grocery store are filled with high priced items, so avoid these pricey areas, such as the paths to the milk and bread.

Make you're own T.V. dinners

Next time youre running late dont spend a fortune on takeout. Have a home cooked meal. Spend a couple of dollars on some nice individual serving freezer containers. (The ones with the separate compartments are great). The next time you have leftovers use these containers to store and freeze your meals. Then, when you do have one of those days you can simply pop one of your tv dinners into the microwave and your family can enjoy a homecooked feast in minutes. Youll save time and money in the long run


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