Wednesday, July 8, 2009

"What To Do Wednesday" Colored Sand

Posted by Angiefairbanks at 12:00 AM
Most kids love play with sidewalk chalk but what do you do with the leftover pieces that are too small to write with or that crumble off? Make colored sand!

  1. Gather the sidewalk chalk crumbles and grind into a fine powder.
  2. Get some sand from your kids' sand box and mix the sidewalk chalk powder into the sand to tint it.

Thats all there is too it. Easy as can be! After you make your colored sand you can play with it just like you would regular sand box sand. Put it into molds and make colored sand castes, fish, sea shells etc. Let your imagination run wild. The kids will love this, its fun and new plus you aren't wasting those leftover pieces of sidewalk chalk!

Have fun with this. Let me know what you do with your leftover sidewalk chalk. Check back next Wednesday for more ideas on what to do with your kids.


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